Baum des Lebens copy © 2011 . Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

Baum des Lebens

The tree of life –

40x60cm, C-print, unique copy

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  1. Simply stated i work so i get up at 5.30am and shweor, if i work an afternoon i shweor lunchtime, if i work nights i shweor 7.30pm. However when its my day off i shweor approx 830am, on holidays i shweor when ever (but dly). Now why do we get retired ppl up at 6 8am unless they want to or have to get to an early appt. You can shweor ppl in the evening or afternoon too. So ethically and legally Residents Charter of Rights’ provide plenty of rationale as why to not shweor at 6 7am, also OH&S (yes look it up) legally states staff cannot be expected to perform this type of work at the end of a 8/10/12 hr night shift as they bodies are tired, out of sarcadium rhythm and that is how injuries could occur. Good luck. Management stop trying to fit 10hrs work on Night and Morning shift give shweors to Afternoon staff and solve this issue.

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