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  1. The KKKrazy Glue works because a great deal of White women have notnihg but contempt for White guys. Too fat, too soft, too BETA! Why wouldn’t they have contempt?Bottom line, women will excuse anything at all in a man who is sexy, and notnihg in a man who is not. If most White guys practiced the “learned charisma and dominance” that is Game, you’d see the KKKrazy Glue fail. Spectacularly.You do a lot of talking about Game as if you are some sort of stud, but from the way you lament about white women, and white women only, you also seem like a guy who lives in his mother’s basement and couldn’t get a date to save his life. Which is it? Are you the quintessential alpha, beta or omega? The NY Beta Times is pretty much aimed at women, front and center. Get rid of the contempt White women feel for most White guys, the Obama Coalition collapses.Come on, we have covered this extensively. The majority of white women supported Romney. The NY Times is published and controlled by an elite group. Get that group to stop feeling contempt for whites in general and you might have better luck politically. Stop blaming everything on innocent white women who just do what the media instructs them to do. Start holding accountable the people who control the narrative.

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